Piedmont Avenue Pumpkin Patch

Halloween Store• Haunted House

4414 Piedmont Avenue • Oakland  

(510) 967-9363


Classes OF 10 OR MORE are always welcome at the pumpkin patch as long as you call at least several days beforehand to schedule a time for your group to come. (510) 967-9363.

$5 admission per CHILD UNDER 12 which includes a we-be-little decorative pumpkin AND A VISIT TO THE “HAUNTED HOUSE”, IF YOU DARE.

$8 for all the above and a sugarpie pumpkin instead of a tiny pumpkin

For school field trips, Jon the owner will give a guided tour (about 10-15 minutes) and show the different types of pumpkins to the students and take them through the haunted house if they wish to go.  

There is a straw bale area which is great for taking group pictures so feel free to bring your camera to take pictures of your group.

The main rules of the patch are

     1)     No running because there is slippery straw on the ground

     2)     Do not climb on the pumpkins, do not drop pumpkins.  They are fruit and they will break

     3)     Do not pick up pumpkins by their stems.  they can break off and then nobody wants them :(

You are allowed to bring food to the patch but you must clean up after yourself.